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Decentralize. Develop. Deploy. Democratize.



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"Dispersion Capital invests in the foundational technologies of a multi-chain, multi-model, multi-currency, and multi-platform world."

Developers need a way to build functional, accessible, scalable decentralized applications. The vision is there, but the infrastructure isn’t - yet.

That’s why we’re here. We work with builders that are solving these gaps and making mass adoption of web3 possible.

We believe blockchain will revolutionize existing infrastructure and the way we do business.

Founder Testimonials

“ Patrick has been an incredible investor for Dapper Labs. He has done above and beyond supporting us during the rough times, being a great sounding board for our strategies and tactics and making impactful introductions when needed. More than bringing capital he has been a partner to our company. ”

“ Patrick is one of the hardest working individuals in the business. He immediately understood our technical vision. Patrick is a gem. He's always incredibly supportive and brings the positive energy. A pleasure to work with and an honor to have as an investor. ”

“ Patrick has been helpful in bringing other investors, prospective customers and partners. Patrick's amazing network combined with his industry knowledge and insights has helped Metrika tremendously. Especially, in the fast emerging blockchain and web3 space, Patrick has been able to consistently separate the signal from the noise. ”

“ Patrick has an outstanding grasp on blockchain concepts and his experience gives him a unique perspective on the industry. He deeply understands our vision, and aptly broke it down into an analogy of an ‘economics engine’ for gaming. Patrick has been a phenomenal supporter and advisor to Forte. ”

“ Patrick is our secret gem. I tell everyone I talk to that Dispersion Capital is a no-brainer cap table VC, no matter the round or room. It is extremely rare to have VC partner at the GTM level and put in the effort to work side by side ”

“ Patrick worked so hard for us, that I consider him one of our early team members. Through grit and tireless effort, he drove one of our earliest partnerships with Samsung that ultimately uncovered the massive opportunity we have today. Easily one of our most valuable investors. ”

“ Patrick have been great partner and investor for us throughout the journey. Patrick started working with us from the beginning of Volterra and helped us prepare our market opportunity and associated investment thesis. They went beyond their boundaries to support us ”

“ Patrick and Dispersion Capital are all about supporting founders. They offer more than just financial backing, as they are always on the lookout for fresh business opportunities, awesome team members, helpful advisors, and other resources. Working with Dispersion Capital means you'll have an investor that is actively engaged and committed to helping your business succeed. ”

“ ZettaBlock owes a great deal of its success to Patrick, who has been an investor and mentor since our inception/ day zero. Patrick is an OG in the Web3 space, his extensive network and deep understanding of the industry has been instrumental in accelerating our growth. What sets Patrick apart is his exceptional dedication to our success - he's not just a source of capital, but a true partner who is available 24/7 to offer insights on every aspect of our business, from the market and competitive analysis to product development, marketing, sales, and more. ”

What { And Why } We Fund


Web3 and decentralized infrastructure redefine applications, prioritizing ownership, interoperability, and compute/storage capabilities. Enhanced security, transparency, and scalability are heightened by new blockchains and privacy-centric oracles, while resilient and adaptable infrastructure ensures improved reliability, privacy, and cost efficiency. As decentralized infrastructure advances, groundbreaking innovations emerge in various industries,  including the integration of AI through decentralized compute using small models at the edges. Embrace the boundless opportunities of this transformative era and ignite the inspiration for the future of decentralized technology.



Empower decentralized infrastructure with reliable tools and protocols: architecture, cybersecurity, privacy tech, gateway protocols, self-sovereign data, decentralized identity, and cryptography. Strengthen systems with robust architecture and cybersecurity measures. Privacy tech and gateway protocols secure sensitive information and enable seamless communication. Decentralized identity puts data control in the hands of users. Dispersion Capital supports projects that create decentralized infrastructure, unlocking transformative businesses.



Deploying web3 requires a comprehensive suite of tools, protocols, and infrastructure to implement cutting-edge, decentralized services. Developers can streamline decentralized app development with fast and secure smart contracts powered by WebAssembly (WASM). Support extends to developer tooling, APIs, gaming engines, search and discovery platforms, and critical management, fostering new revenue streams and enhanced user experiences. The industry strives to revolutionize practices, drive accessibility, and promote innovation.



Web3 democratizes tech, powering a trustless, interconnected economy. It embraces incentives, openness, collaboration, and inclusivity. Decentralized platforms, open-source, and scalable infrastructure revolutionize innovation. Foster a secure, global economy with decentralized infrastructure in telecom, cloud/edge, AI, new game infra, fintech, and more. Blockchain incentive mechanisms and decentralization, foster collaboration, trust, and transparency. This vital shift shapes the future of digital innovation.

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